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Welcome to Respect Music’s “Raiders Of The Lost Art” (ROTLA) our first ever “all vinyl” Twitch exclusive raid/event. ROTLA will go live every Wednesday from 9pm AEST over 14hrs with 14 x DJ’s doing 1hr sets.

The Launch of ROTLA will be on Wednesday 31st of August at 8pm AEST and as a means of making this launch special, we will be attempting to go live for 72 hrs with 72 dj’s.
Check out Promo Video below.

We wanted to ask if you might be interested in gracing us with a 1 hr set at some stage, if not for the launch, maybe a later event date?
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration and we really do hope to have you onboard “Raiders Of The Lost Art” very soon.

Love, Respect & Music Always
James Canning aka Respect Music
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    DJ’s must play vinyl only, for the duration of their set!
    Turn off Subscriber only chat
    Turn off follower only chat

    We ask that when possible, we keep all things resonating with “Love & Respect”. Art is art and will paint vivid pictures at times and we love and respect art for its honesty. However, we ask that where given the opportunity to play a clean edit over an explicit version, that this would be the desired route. This just broadens our listener base and makes the overall energy of the raid one of positivity.


    Again, we just ask that all DJ’s exercise our 2 fundamentals “Love & Respect” we have a great sense of humor but just ask that any discriminatory dialogue not be engaged in chat and again we keep things positive and upbeat where possible.

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    All DJ’s are asked to Bring the Funk, Soul or Rhythm in any of its many shapes and forms!

    Be it Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, House, Disco, Funk, Breaks through to Salsa, Samba, Jazz, Afrobeat, Drum and Bass, Bossa, Reggae, Dub, etc.

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